"It's service AFTER the sale that counts.."

​May 31st, 2018

Christian Lisik

Great service provided by Rick. Rick is very informative on the benefits of the different office copiers he can supply and helped as find the perfect one for our needs. Being the "budget" IT guy at our company, it's great to be able to call him and sort out technical issues that I don't understand. Now I get credit for knowing what I'm doing, when in reality I have no idea what's going on until I talk with Rick. And aside from the service, the printer is eons ahead of what we had before. Insanely fast and very high quality prints. We are also saving money switching from Ink to Toner which is an added bonus.

​May 25th, 2018

Logan from your company came by today to repair my Sharp copier/printer that I purchased from you.  The machine now works well again but the service is what is really worth commenting on.  Logan was very quick, efficient, and helped me through a number of issues.  I can’t say enough positive things about him; it’s very, very easy to refer you to clients, friends, etc. after today’s call.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend.