Introducing a new program that will change how you look at your office technology…OneFlatRate

OneFlatRate is a new program that eliminates those annoying monthly invoices for service overages that make it impossible to keep a balanced budget.  Just join our OneFlatRate program and pay one invoice monthly for both your equipment and service (lease customers only).   Think of our OneFlatRate program as “buying in bulk” for the service on your MFP.  Your per page rate will be locked for the term of your lease.*  The OneFlatRate program is available to non-lease clients as well.  Sign up and lock your rate in for as long as you wish (one annual payment req).

Advanced Office Copiers’ new OneFlatRate program increases your productivity, reduces your costs and saves you time.  Why have to account for, pay and file multiple invoices for your office MFP when you can get it all done with one invoice?  Join OneFlatRate today and eliminate a bunch of headaches.

* Or until allotted pages are used.  Then AOC will invoice for pages needed to reach the end of lease term.